The Mission And Role Is the Enhancing and Conservation of the Cairngorms

To achieve this, the Cairngorms Campaign will:

•    provide a focus for the local, national and international passion for the natural and cultural environment of the Cairngorms and concern for their future;

•    represent that passion to a wide public, to government and its key managing agencies, particularly the Cairngorms National Park Authority, and to other organisations and groups in pursuing the conservation of the Cairngorms within a framework of sustainable development;

•    bring and develop a wide, long term and, where necessary, countervailing national and international perspective, drawing on national and international experience and sound scientific, social and economic insight;

•    pursue positive initiatives supportive of such agencies and parties but where necessary be a constructive critic, not hesitating to be innovative, challenging and pioneering;

•     pursue those ends through such methods as education, publicising, research, and dialogue with other stakeholders.

•     Within the Cairngorms National Park, be the conscience of the Park and a critical friend of the Park Authority and other relevant agencies.

And help us maintain the case for better management and appreciation of the Cairngorms.
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