The value and significance of the Cairngorms will very likely increase in the future given current trends in climate change and population growth:

•    major flood events are predicted to become greater and more frequent, with implications for management of the Cairngorms headwaters and associated lowland river systems;

•    fixed carbon in peats is increasingly seen as an important store of CO2 that must be retained; the improvement of management practices to help safeguard the extensive peaty soils in the Cairngorms will be important;

•    as montane and moorland species lose their habitats with global warming, the Cairngorms are predicted to become a major UK refuge for such species;

•    as a highly sensitive environment, the uplands of the Cairngorms are an accurate barometer of the biological impact of climate change;

•    access to wild areas for adventurous experience is shrinking in a world with an expanding population and associated urban and agricultural development; those that survive will become even more valued and come under increasing pressure.

And help us maintain the case for better management and appreciation of the Cairngorms.
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