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A new examination and illustrated report on the importance of the native woodlands of the Cairngorms and how they fit in with the mountain landscape is being commissioned by the Cairngorms Campaign with funding from the Bank of Scotland.

The Campaign is organising a conference on Saturday 16th November 2002 where it is hoped that a new vision for woodlands in the proposed Cairngorms National Park will be drawn up. This would include offering clear ideas on how an enhanced and expanded Caledon wood can be achieved and the reduction in deer grazing and financial incentives that would achieve it. The papers presented at the conference, along with the conclusions reached, will form the basis for a subsequent publication. The emphasis will be on attendance by volunteers but it is anticipated high-profile speakers from professional organisations qill contribute. It will draw on the wealth of research that has already been carried out into Cairngorms native mountain forests.

Caledonian forest Stuart RaeThe initiative fits in with the Bank of Scotland's award-winning "Our Future for Forests" sponsorship which sees 16 environmental bodies, including the Cairngorms Campaign, receive 20,000 each towards woodlands projects.

The Campaign's new project replaces the previous scheme to make awards to the best-managed area of woodland as this received only limited public interest. The revised plan to launch a high-profile publication in 2002 is seen as more appropriate since 2002 is International Year of Mountains and Treefest.

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