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Response to NGO survey



Summary of Answers

Is there a distinctive role for the CC focusing exclusively on the all aspects of the Cairngorms including sustainable landuses?

1 The combination of national importance and coherent identity of the Cairngorms provides the rationale for the existence of the Campaign and the importance of the role. (2)

2 The Campaign’s remit covers all aspects of the Cairngorms. Most other NGOs tend to focus on specific issues rather than whole picture.

3 National organisations have so many issues and such a large geographical area to cover they find it difficult to find time to give enough attention to one area like the Cairngorms and often rely on the CC to articulate views that we can then support. It is noticeable that national organisations give less attention now to Cairngorms issues. (2)

4 Every national park area requires an organisation that acts as a ‘critical friend’ to those who have been given a statutory responsibility to protect and manage it. This role must reflect an integrated approach understanding the interactions between the complex range of activities that influence whether an environmentally sustainable system of management is being established and maintained.(2)

5 There is no other organisation around that fulfils the Cairngorm Campaign’s role

The Cairngorms Campaign should attempt to fulfil the role of focusing exclusively on the whole environment of the Cairngorms and their sustainable landuses.

1 Cairngorms Campaign is the only organisation whose remit embraces the whole of the Cairngorms area and the all of the issues concerned with the natural and cultural heritage and with recreation and their international importance. Yet the role is of crucial and urgent importance and it is best filled by the one organisation with a proven track record of effective action on behalf of the Cairngorms that has earned it widespread respect. That organisation is the Cairngorms Campaign. (5)

2 CC is already a constituted and respected body, with good relationships with other NGOs who have an interest in the Cairngorms and a wide range of relevant expertise represented on its committee.

3 Very significant changes are occurring in the area without the consideration that it deserves, due to lack of capacity.

4 It already exists, it has extensive experience of all the issues involved and a wide range of relevant expertise

There is a distinctive role for an organisation to act as “Watchdog” vis- à-vis the CNPA, as “Friends of the Cairngorms National Park.

All eight organisations consulted stated there was a need for an organisation acting in the role of critical friend to the Cairngorms National Park Authority but which should be completely independent of government in its work and stance. It should carry out this important critical role in a constructive, rationale and reasonable way, well backed up by facts.

The Cairngorms Campaign Should Attempt to Fulfil This Watchdog Role

1 ahe requirement is for a competent organisation focussed on the Cairngorms area, and that is the Cairngorms Campaign.(3)

2 This is the most important role the Cairngorms Campaign could play. A body to consistently shadow all aspects of the Park Authorities’ work is needed and it is a role which no other NGO is likely to fulfil.

3 In many ways the Cairngorms Campaign is already fulfilling this role CC already has a relationship with CNPA and an understanding of the issues. (3)

In what ways do you think the Campaign should promote cooperation between NGOs in the Cairngorms

1 A strong and effective Cairngorms Campaign will automatically act as an umbrella organisation that will co-ordination activities and promote co-operation on Cairngorms issues amongst other NGOs. The more effective the Cairngorms Campaign, the more likely it is to promote that co-operation.

2 The Campaign is to be commended on sustaining the Cairngorm Liaison Group. (2)

3 This process needs to be taken forward however to strengthen the ability of the various organisations involved to make common cause more forcibly in respect of issues of mutual concern. (8)

Any further points you wish to make on behalf of your organisation

1 If CC had resources to tackle Cairngorm Issues more fully, then local organisations like BSCG could focus more easily on their local concerns

2 Promote the Cairngorms to the wider public in terms of enjoyment and education.  We feel CC is well placed to do this.

3 The only way the CC will really make progress is when it is able to employ a member of staff again

4 JMT feels there is a need for an enhanced capacity in Cairngorms Campaign to balance the fact that

    JMT does not have the capacity to cover all issues

Summary of responses of NGOs consulted. CC = Cairngorms Campaign. Nos in brackets state no of NGOs making a point

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