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Minutes of the 2008 AGM


Minutes of Cairngorms Campaign AGM 2008

Minutes of AGM held at Birnam Institute, Saturday 20th September 2008

Attending: There were 17 members present, plus 3 attending by proxy.

1.  Apologies
Received from:

2.  Minute of last year’s AGM
These were proposed by Ian Lawson, seconded by Helen Geddes.

3.  Matters arising
3.1 Name of organisation
There was discussion of whether the organisation needs to change its name to better reflect its role as critical friend of the national park authority, as well as appealing to a wider audience of potential members.  Added to this is the perception that funding will be more difficult to find for a “campaign” group.  However, there was also a lot of support for not changing the name but trying instead to change perceptions of what the group does.  It was felt that any new name needed to be an improvement on the current name, and that it should appeal to funders, members (new and future) and also to politicians.  There was also discussion as to whether it would be possible to set up a separate Trust to pursue funding applications, while the CC remained as an entity.  The committee were looking for a steer from the AGM as to whether to continue with investigations relating to a new name.  It was decided that we needed to have more information before any decision could be taken, and that there would be an EGM called in spring, to coincide with a walk for members in the Cairngorms.
AP: Andrew Thompson to approach OSCR to discuss the legal position as regards changing the organisation’s name, ie, is it possible under current Memorandum and Articles of Association, etc?
AP: Andrew Thompson/Bill Wright to take informal soundings from potential funders.
AP: Tim Ambrose (and Richard Sheriff) to advise on what is possible under current constitution and funding arrangements, with Bill Wright attending a sub-group meeting to assist discussions.
3.2 Development plan
There was a wide-ranging discussion of a summary of the current development plan before the AGM began.
AP: Drennan Watson to incorporate comments and finalise the plan.

3.3 Moving funds to a more profitable account.
This has now been done by Tim Ambrose.

4.  Accounts
The financial report and accounts were submitted by Tim Ambrose.  They were proposed by Bill Wright, seconded by John Foster.  There was a discussion on legacies, and it was felt that the Campaign could design a webpage on the new website which gave members advice on legacies, along with an article in the newsletter at some point.

5.  Annual report
The Director spoke to the annual report.  It was proposed by Andrew Thompson and seconded by Pat Brown.

6.  Election of committee

The following members were elected:
                     &nbs p;             Proposed                  Seconded
Drennan Watson              Ian Lawson                Helen Todd
Keith Miller                      Bill Wright                Andrew Thompson
Tim Ambrose                   Helen Geddes             Ian Lawson
Gus Jones                      Andrew Thompson       Roy Turnbull
Helen Todd                     Ian Lawson                Helen Geddes
Helen Geddes                  Pat Brown                 Roy Turnbull
Andrew Thompson           Gus Jones                  Roy Turnbull
Roderick Manson             Helen Geddes             Gus Jones
Roy Turnbull                   Ian Lawson               Andrew Thompson
Ian Lawson                  Helen Todd                Pat Brown
Iain Robertson                Roderick Manson         Pat Brown
Glen Breadon                  John Foster               Roderick Manson
Peter Holden                  Helen Todd               Roy Turnbull

7.  AOB
Drennan thanked the committee and Leona Whiteoak for their efforts this year.  Thanks were also given to Drennan for his work for the group.

Minutes by Helen Todd, 22nd September 2008

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