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Cairngorm and Glenmore Future


Cairngorm and Glenmore Future

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) are holding a consultation on a strategy for the management and development of the Cairngorm and Glenmore area. The consultation closes on March 8th2016.

 The Cairngorms Campaign is currently preparing its response meanwhile the consultation can be viewed on the CNPA’s website

 Our initial thoughts are:

We would welcome a strategy that integrates the management of the entire area and an opportunity to comment on it. We don’t want it to repeat past mistakes.

The conservation value of the area must be given greater emphasis and the strategy must address the conflicts brought by the planned increase in tourism. The capacity limitations of a fragile habitat vulnerable to erosion must be acknowledged and addressed in detail.

The key attributes of the area – landscapes, wildlife, opportunities for outdoor recreation are being eroded by creeping urbanisation so what makes it attractive historically is being undermined. The strategy must clearly address this and not allow short term gratification lead to long term decline.

We support the vision, aims and objectives but there is an imbalance in the strategy in how they will be met with an over emphasis on visitor use.

We are disappointed that while at a headline level there is a reference to a “wider community of people who feel a close connection to Cairngorm and Glenmore” there is no reference or consideration of the role of voluntary environmental and recreational bodies.

If you have the time please look at the consultation and comment where you can.

We will post our formal response later and have an article in our newsletter to be published shortly.

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And help us maintain the case for better management and appreciation of the Cairngorms.
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